Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Pengerebongan Ceremony from Kesiman Village

The Paradise Island has many unique ceremonies and Pengerebongan is one of amazing ceremony. Pengerebongan is a ceremony which conducted by Kesiman Village’s Society in Pura Dalam Pengerebongan.

This ceremony is held every 210days, exactly Friday wuku Medangsia according to Balinese Calender system or the day after Kuningan Day. Pengerebongan Ceremony was taken from Kawi language “rebu”, it means party and makes us happy. This ceremony was created by Puri Agung Kesiman (Agung Kesiman Empire).

Before conducting this ceremony, Kesiman society does Tabuh Rah (Sowing chicken blood that used ceremony). The entire God’s Manifestation in Kesiman Village like Barong, Rangda and Pratima is come to Pura Dalem Pengerebongan. After that, all society of Kesiman Village is rounding the Wantilan (the building in middle area of Temple) three times. So many people are trance when the people bring God’s Manifestation and they lost their control.

After rounding 3 times, the entire God’s Manifestation is put in Gedong (the holy place to put God’s Manifestation). The societies pray together in Pura Dalem Pengerebongan. The function of Pengerebongan Ceremony is reminding the human about Tri Hita Karana Concept (three of the harmony, balance to create the peaceful and happiness). Don’t miss this ceremony, because it’s awesome and amazing but little bit mistic.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Originally Textile from the Wonderful Island

Bali doesn’t only has beautiful tourism object and unique tradition. That island also has beautiful textile. Endek Textile is one of beautiful Balinese textile. Some motif of Endek Textile is regarded as sacred. We must use it in temple and some motif of Endek Textile is only allowed to be used by king.

The History of Endek Textile
Endek textile is beginning to grow on since 18th century, when Dalem Waturenggong Empire was being king in Gelgel Klungkung. It grows fastly in around Gelgel, especially in Sulang Village. The growing is very faster when Indonesia got their independent. Sulang Village is being the biggest industry of Endek Textile in Bali until today.
When Endek Textile appeared, the workers make it with ikat system (traditional ways to make textile) and they use ATBM “Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin” (unmachine tool looms). Why is the price of Endek Textile so expensive? Because the workers use manual system, so it takes too long time for finishing only one Endek Textile. But now, the industry of textile uses machine and make price of Endek Textile is cheaper.

The motif of Endek Textile
Endek Textile has so many motif, such use the natural motif, the animal motif, the Balinese puppet motif, and the sacred motif. The sacred motif must use in temple, so why it’s called by the sacred motif. Don’t worry if you want to buy endek textile, you can choose the other motif.

So,, what are you waiting for? Let’s buy the originally textile of the Paradise Island. It can be your great handicraft and it has good motif.

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