Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Cause of Rotating Power Outages in Bali

The Rotating power outages must enjoyed by residents of Bali after the central gas power in Gilimanuk discontinued operations up to 1 March. But this condition does not have to happen if the central steam power can be operated in  Celukan Bawang (Port of main cargo in Buleleng Regency).
The Air Line of High Voltage could not be connected because of the persistence of the peoples in the village are within walking distance of The Steam Power crossed wires reject it.

The Central steam power it self will supply the electric power to Celukan Bawang up to 3 × 130 MW so as to make more reliable electricity Bali. Currently the supply of electricity to Bali is of 850 MW. Aside from Gilimanuk Gas Power Plant of 130 MW, the supply is supplied from Java via submarine cable 340 MW Gas Power Plant Pemaron 88 MW Power Plant Gas or diesel Sanggaran 292 MW 
This condition occurs when the crisis triggered by the termination of Gas Power Plant Gilimanuk who entered the maintenance period since 21 February 2015.
It also resulted in a deficit of the state electricity company in Bali adopted a policy to suspend new post process and the addition of power began February 23. Termination is done to ensure no disruption of the electrical system to power the addition of new generation.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Puri Ageng Blahbatuh| Bali Royal Palace

In wonderful day I would like to visit beautiful place in Bali. I want to visit a Royal Palace is located in Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar Regency. This place is so beautiful with location at the center of the Belahbatuh Village and beside of Blahbatuh teaditional market. This Royal Palece is famous by the name of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh. In the past Puri Ageng Blahbatuh originally known as the Orchid Palace, because king of Blahbatuh used Puri Ageng to keep several orchids and enter them into competitions, thus winning second place with them at a competition in Singapore in the 1970's. Nowadays, as time has passed the orchids are no more, however the palace is still well worth a visit.

Puri Ageng Blahbatuh was originally built around the year 1570-1600 of the Cakra calendar and was founded by the dynasty of King IGusti Ngurah Jelantik VIII. The sprawling complex measures around four hectares.

I can walk around the grounds of the palace without the intrusion of too many tourists. I can feel I were family king here. Members of the family who are also residents of the palace are normally walking around and you never know you may be lucky enough to be shown around by the King of Blahbatuh himself. It's so amazing place to visit!

Puri Ageng Blabatuh also famous by beautiful features including unique temple artwork, a peaceful meditation temple surrounded by waters and some stunnning wood furniture. You may also see ladies making traditional rugs using the loom. If you are lucky you will see the local people play Balinese culture there are including gambelan, dance and much more.

If you are interest with this place you can come to Puri Ageng Blahbatuh and feel different sensation there. Don't forget in Puri Ageng Blahbatuh you can try to learn balinese dance and gambelan. There are you will feel comfortable because family of the king so friendly and polite with visitor who come to Puri Ageng Blahbatuh. If you want  to get information, please contact Bali Star Island and we can also accompany you in your another holiday during in Bali. Thank you and have a nice trips.