Thursday, 25 December 2014

Pancaka Tirta | The Heroes Cemetery

Pancaka Tirta - Heroes Cemetery

Pancaka Tirta Heroes Cemetery located at Bima Street, Abian Tuwung Village, Marga Sub-district, Tabanan Regency. Take about 21 km from Denpasar city and 65 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport by car.

 At the Heroes Cemetery is buried ashes all over the Nation Heroes who died fighting the invaders in Tabanan . Here is also buried the bodies of men - the nation's best sons who died after the war of independence until now.

Aside from being a place of pilgrimage, the Heroes Cemetery is also used as a place for recreation by local people during the holidays with family and friend.
At the time - a certain time in the parking area of ​​the Heroes Cemetery is often used as a place of events and charities.

 The Heroes Cemetery was built in 1946 as a place to commemorate the heroes who died in the fight for the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.
The Facilities in the Pancaka Tirta Heroes Cemetery include : Large park area, toilet, and food&drink stalls opposite the parking area.
( Monument of Pancaka Tirta Heroes cemetery )
The Heroes Cemetery
When you visit this Heroes Cemetery, could be the one of your alternative holiday.

Rumah Saudara | House of Brotherhood

Rumah Saudara -A Creative Mobile Bar

Creativity and innovation are the keys to success. Four energetic young men who decided to open a mobile bar serving assortments of delicious snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages have certainly applied those two important factors and have reaped the benefit .

The four young men run their mobile bar, Rumah Saudara (House of Brotherhood), out of an old Volkswagen (VW) modified into a mini bar.

They opened the mobile bar in a parking lot of supermarket Nirmala in Jimbaran, South Bali.

The car is decorated with colorful pictures of the menu items. Rumah Saudara employs five well-trained and friendly waiters to serve the various dishes, snacks and quality alcoholic beverages, which can rival those served at five-star hotels and opulent cafes.

Targeting young customers with a sound system playing hip beats and glittery decor, Rumah Saudara is a perfect place to hang out at night.

As a mobile bar, Rumah Saudara never has a fixed location. They move to new locations every week and customers can find out where through our social media networks — Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger [BBM]

The idea popped up when they gathered with friends. They  started searching the Internet for a range of possible business opportunities that suited our personalities and interests. The idea to open a mobile bar was to reach out to young customers in every corner of Bali

With two professional chefs, one bartender and two waiters, Rumah Saudara offers a wide selection of food such as sushi sandwiches at a cost of only Rp 20,000, hot dogs for Rp 25,000 and pizza for Rp 40,000.