Monday, 4 May 2015

Barong Ket Ket


Barong Bali is one of the many kinds of performing arts in Bali . Barong is a traditional Balinese dance which is characterized by body masks and costumes that can be worn by one or two people to dance. In Bali there are several types of barong the Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal, Barong Landung, Barong Macan, Barong Gajah, Barong Asu, Barong Brutuk, Barong Lembu, Barong Kedingkling, Barong kambing, and Barong Gagombrangan .

Barong Ket or Barong Keket is a high figure barong. His figure resembles a tall man with two adult height. Male figure called Jero Gede, while his partner called Jero Luh. That said, barong kind made to trick the spirits who spread disaster. Barong Ket dance is the most numerous in Bali and most often staged. Of his form, Barong Ket is a fusion between the shape of lions, tigers, cows and dragons. Agency Barong Ket is decorated with intricately carved leather and hundreds of small glass mirrors. The glass of the mirror and looked like a shimmering jewel when hit by light. Barong Ket bristles made from a combination perasok (similar plant pandan leaf fibers) and fibers. There also replace the fibers with crow feathers. Barong Ket danced by two dancers called the Messiah or Savior Bapang Saluk. Bapang interpreter first danced the head, Interpreter Bapang others in the tail. Barong Ket usually danced in pairs with Rangda, the sinister figure who symbolizes adharma (evil). Barong Ket himself into the dance symbolizes dharma (virtue). Rangda and Barong Ket pair symbolizes the eternal battle andara two opposite things (rwa bhineda) in this universe. Barong Ket accompanied by Gamelan Semar Pagulingan.


Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival.
This festival usually held from July to August month in each year and ends right at the end of the month or on 31 August. Why kite ? Because of this kite has become a culture of life most people in Bali .
Kite is favored by various circles in Bali. children , old, young , male and female. According to some Hindu religious figures , kites have meaning religious significance , which is dedicated to Lord Rare Anggon . Rare Anggon believed to be a protective area of ​​rice paddies Balinese farmers that is not affected by planthoppers and birds .

This festival began in 1979 , followed by many participants of the International Kite Flying Club . The festival is held at the festival this year is the 36th time . During the festival , thousands of participants and lovers of kites will flood the arena and bring kites of various styles , colors and sizes . Type general , traditional kites bebean , janggan , pecukan , and kites new creations . This kite will decorate the blue sky accompanied by gamelan gong Bali pounding .

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