Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu

( Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu )

The Dukuh Lestary factory also offer an unique product expect Salacca Wine, that is Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu. The main ingredients of Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu is purple potato, That is a unique product with an unique ingredient, the reason of choice the purple potato to be an ingredients because it has a lot of benefit to keep the healthy of human. The Sweet Wine found and made best a lecture from Udayana University, he is Mr Dewa Suprapta. He had an simple reason choice purple potato to be a Sweet wine that is the basen price of purple potato just around IDR 2.000/ kilograms but if make to be a Sweet wine, the price will going up until IDR 110.000/bottle.To make a bottle of Sweet wine need 1,5 kilograms of purple potato.  

The selling of sweet wine is not yet sell in around of Bali and the othe place in Indonesia, because it's will pass any test from the governor to insure that product is good.The factory is own by the local people but the quality of that product same like the product from bigger product, the local perople always keep there quality of product.

Beside make to be Sweet Wine, he also make the other product such us Sweet Imo, and Ice Cream purple potato. The Sweet Imo is a jus product made from purple potato. Same like Sweet Wine Brem Ubi Ungu , the sweet imo also found with Mr. Dewa suprapta also the ice cream product. The maker of Sweet imo adopt the high quality. The Sweet Imo introduce in the first time by Mr. Dewa suprapta.

Sweet Imo
( Sweet Imo )
The Sweet imo name's taken with 2 different language. Name's of Sweet Potato come from 2 word there are Sweet and Imo, Sweet in English means Manis and  Imo in japanese means Ubi, so in Bahasa Indonesia Sweet Imo means "Ubi Manis". Sweet Imo has a lot antioxidants inside this product, the level of antioxidants more that the antioxidants inside blue berry as we know the level of antioxidants in blue berry more than every fruits but the fact is lest than purple potato.

The next product from Dukuh Lestari factory there is Ice cream, same like the other product the main ingredients from this product is purple potato. Purple potato getting famous day by day , that make a lot of people try to make some product from this fruit. The ice cream is one of the example of the product come from purple potato.

Es Krim Ubi Ungu
( Ice cream )

Monday, 24 November 2014

JEBAK ( Jejak Bali Kuliner)

" Their Logos "
Jejak Bali Kuliner or the famous name's JEBAK or in english " Bali Culinary Trail" located on Teuku Umar St. Number 140, Denpasar, Bali. In This Restaurant offer from the traditional food's until the modern food's.  Also this restaurant offer the food's around Indonesia, there are Gado-gado ( Mixing vegetable's with peanut souce ) , Pempek Palembang ( traditional food from South Sumatra), Siomay, Sate Madura ( Satay from Madura, East Java ), Nasi Liwet, dan Rujak Bali ( Mixing fruit's with vinegar sauce ). JEBAK restaurant also offer international food's such us Chinese Food, Western Food, Thai Food, and Italian Food.
" Dadong Cemot "
This restaurant always doing an innovation every 3 mount, the management of JEBAK restaurant always change their menu every 3 mounts. The Management want their customer always happy and enjoy their food, the management also want their customer suggest about new menu. In this design, the JEBAK management intends that customer just visit JEBAK restaurant to see and try the food from Indonesia and International without visit a lot of restaurant to see alot of Indonesia and International food. The JEBAK restaurant has an icon, there is " Dadong Cemot " ( old grandmother enjoying a lot of food )

The price of menu in JEBAK restaurant start at IDR 2.000 - IDR 69.000, the most expensive item's "Sirloin Steak" . The JEBAK management also keep their quality and the hygienic of their food, every day the JEBAK restaurant always control about it. besides keep about their quality , the JEBAK management has a box for critique and suggestion about JEBAK restaurant. 

Every day up to 700 people always visit this restaurant, and   this included the  student and college student come to this restaurant for meet some one and talking about everything also to be a gathering point. The JEBAK restaurant also has a cooking class for a family want the study about Bali culinary. The JEBAK restaurant want introduce Bali Culture in culinary way.  

The JEBAK management also prepare some thin gto mak etheir customer always remember about JEBAK restaurant like horses made from bika, a seat like the unique stone. this statue can to be a background of customer photo's.