Saturday, 22 November 2014

Salacca Wine

( Salacca Wine )

Bali has a lot of the interesting place to visit, culture and the beautiful nature. Also it has a lot of traditional drink like arak and tuak. Bali also has a lot of wine items, one of them is Salacca Wine. Salacca wine is the only one fermentation drink made from salak fruit. The generally wine was made from the fermentation of grape. The unique wine it made at Sibetan village in Karang Asem regency. The Salacca Wine factory located in The Agro tourism at Sibetan Village area. 

In Sibetan village the most local people worker is plant the salak fruit. The salak farmer make the smaller yard to be the salak farm. The first idea make a Salacca Wine it was taken from the farmer problem in harvest season of salak fruit. Farmer always get a lot of salak in the harvest season the based price of salak fruit will going down, it's make the farmer find the other way to make the based price of salak fruit going up day by day. The normally salak price is around IDR 5000 - IDR 10.000 per kgs, but price will going down in the harvest season it's around IDR 1000 per kgs.

The farmer problem make the farmer get an idea to make a salacca wine. The process to make salacca wine around 3 - 6 mounts, one liter of salacca wine need 4 kgs of salak fruit. The salacca wine get the B class of wine and the level of alcohol up to 13.5% 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jazz Cafe Ubud - Romantic

Eating a dinner at the cafe while listening to  a live band may be used we do, but how about eating at the band jazz singing ?

In Ubud, The 'heart' of Bali, There are Jazz Cafe Bali is both a live music venue and dining spot that can accommodate up to 200 guests that serving as a club, cafe and restaurant and  bar and a favorite gathering spot for Music lovers from various genres, from Jazz, Blues to Latin, funk, soul, Salsa, Reggae, folk and world music that will features great local, national, and occasional guest band performances. It cafe provide quite atmosphere typical of Ubud, Jazz band, and of course good food and beverages  and cocktails also. Many menus are recommended here , one of which was the Seafood Kebab (Turkish snack) is made with mixture of shrimp meat, calamari, and tuna Sashimi (Japanese seafood) served with magnificent flavor of Thailand. 

Jazz Cafe opened in December 1996 open from 5 pm until late daily as the first Live Jazz venue on the island of Bali. Today it become one of Bali's premiere Live Music venues, hosting Bali's finest resident musicians, as well as special shows from top quality International acts every month. 
The Jazz club is hidden from the main Ubud Center, but don't worry it is easily found along Jalan Sukma 2, Tebeyasa, near Pura Dalem Temple. it cafe features thatched design in its main structure accessible via a modest front entrance, after passing the entrance you will guide to the garden with traditional Gazebo and tables and lounges.