Balinese Traditional Game

Tajog Is Balinese Traditional Game

At school, Balinese children are not only taught about Balinese language but also some traditional games. As the consequence, Balinese children start to learn how to socialize while playing traditional games in the nearby field in early age. Though must say they also spend hours playing online game and play station.

Three Balinese traditional games which are popular among the children are Gala gala, Bakiak/Terompah, and Tajog. These three games are also competed in Pekan Olahraga Desa (Village Sport Week) besides Madagongan. Gala gala is a game involving two groups; each consists of 5 persons. The field size is 21 meter in length. This field is divided into three parts horizontally. In the meantime a line also divides the field into two parts vertically.

One group acts as line keeper and another group is the player. Each person in line keeper group stands on each line to keep someone from another group getting in. Once a person from player group succeeds to pass the last line without being touched by the line keeper, the group will get 1 point. Each person who have passed the last line has to go back to pass the first line to get another point. Whenever the line keeper touches the player then their position as line keeper and player is reversed.

Besides Gala gala, Balinese children also learn how to play Tajog. Tajog is the name of a couple of bamboo containing footrests so someone can stand on them and walk or even run. When playing Tajog you will look like having very long legs. Keeping the balance while walking or running is the challenge of this game.

How you can try to play Tajog?
Nobody can play tajog without learning or practicing. The first exercise is standing stepping tajog. Both hands holding each pangisian left-right. For starters, you should enlist the help of a friend to hold tajog it from the front. Or leaning against a wall tajog. Furthermore reverse direction, back against the wall, then up, then walk slowly. To avoid the danger of penjekan should be installed rather low, then gradually increasingly rising. If you've mastered up and walk without assistance, then followed by a practice run.

In celebration of the great days, the game tajog not only presented in the form of a quick run-velocity but also in the form of demonstrations. For example nengkleng, ie leaping on one leg, muter, namely nengkleng accompanied play next tajog overhead. Also each other and push each other football which led to one of the players collapsed.

How To Make Tajog?
Initially prepared in the same two long bamboo poles. For children, the length is about 1.65 m and 1.85 m for adults. At the bottom of the timber is fitted penjekan trampled flat-shaped bracket. End of the bracket attached to the bamboo and the other end is used for the feet. In order to feel comfortable footing, timber size should be selected which match the size of your feet. Part of the bamboo down penjekan called Batis (foot) and section above penjekan called pangisian (grip).

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